Absolute Beginner's Guide to Swing

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Beginning 6-Count (East Coast) Swing for the Absolute Beginning Dancer. Subjects covered in this course:

Volume I

  • The Beat
  • Basic Stepping
  • Basic Six Count Swing (Steps)

    Volume II

  • Basic Turns
  • Turning in Open Position
  • Closed Position
  • Tuck Turn
  • Free Spins

    Volume III

  • Arm Slide to Shake Hands
  • Free Spins to Shake Hands
  • Waist Wrap to Shake Hands
  • Passing Turn (Basic Under Arm Turn)
  • Behind the Back Hand Pass (Tommy Turn)

    Volume IV

  • The Cuddle
  • Jig Walks / Kicks
  • Rotating / Moving / Turning Basic
  • Substituting Steps (Triple Step)

    Volume V

  • Review

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