10th American Lindy Hop Championships (Stamford, CT)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 9:00am


Frankie Manning, Laura Jeffers, Matt Bedell, Nick Williams,

Chad Fasca, Tony Fraser, Frida Segerdahl, Skye Humphries,

Chester Whitmore, Carla Heiney, Yuval Hod, Peter Strom

David Graybill, Ben Yau, Sheri Kang and more to come

and others for the 10th American Lindy Hop Championships with George Gee and the Jump, Jive and Wailers, dance contests, dance classes and hours of general dancing.

Friday night George Gee and the Jump Jive and Wailers play.
Saturday night The Boilermakers Band plays.

DJs for the weekend include Jerry Almonte, Devona Carrtier, Mandi Gould, Dee Jean Francois, 
Michael Ingbar, Mike Marcotte, Abdel Presume, Glenn Scales, Peter Strom, Rayned Wiles


Volunteers Needed! http://www.centralavedance.com/node/3315  

Groups audience: