CADE - Chester's Message

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Paul and Fumi at Argyle 1

Central Avenue Dance Ensemble


“One of the benefits of knowledge is that it is portable: Anything you learn you take with you wherever you go for the rest of your life.”

-Paul Thornhill




Chester Whitmore’s Message

“My approach to dance is life itself, places people and things that have happened in our lifetime and creating dance forms for the audience about feelings, emotions in life Paul and Fumi Wiping Their Showsthat they may have overlooked. In addition, I want my dances to purely entertain as well as educate. At this stage in my career, I still have much to contribute to the world of dance as a performer, instructor, choreographer and educator. While I possess many years of experience in all of these areas, and as a music historian, musician and composer, I endeavor endlessly to further develop my skills and share them with others.”




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Central Ave Dance Ensemble